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Fill The Gaps In Your Education With A Free Skills Gap Test From OneX By One On One

15.10.21 04:43 PM By Akkeem

Fill The Gaps In Your Education With A Free Skills Gap Test From OneX By One On One 

Countries are suffering from increasing learning loss, with students unable to access the highest quality educational experience. If this continues, it will negatively affect the global education system. 

Skills Gap Testing is utilized worldwide to understand the severity of the impact caused by the pandemic. It is necessary to identify these learning gaps as it helps teachers, students, parents, and the government pivot accordingly. 

The pandemic has caused worldwide panic and eradicated the notion that the teaching and learning experience can only be done in a physical space. Creating mechanisms and strategically implementing them showed the huge deficit the education system had for years that was left to grow. The pandemic forced the change by strategically allowing new approaches to delivering education to be explored. Methods that will be beneficial for years to come. 


A Skills Gap Test or Skills Gap Analysis is crucial in helping people understand this newfound approach by identifying their weaknesses seamlessly and without judgement. 

Taking a Skills Gap Test can help you identify learning gaps in your PEP or CXC curriculum and empower you to take the steps - extra classes, private tutoring, or any option suitable to you to fill in those gaps. This is how you can be sure you will be successful in your PEP or CXC exams.



What is a Skills Gap Test (SGT) or Skills Gap Analysis?

Think about a situation where you want to move from Point A to Point B, but a large body of water separates both points. The large body of water would be the gap. 

Point A is where you are, and Point B is where you need to be. Therefore, you may understand Algebra in CSEC Math, but you also need to know Geometry. You have a gap in your learning because you don't understand everything you need to succeed in your exams.

A Skills Gap Test provides an unbiased, detailed analysis of your weak areas in your subjects. It highlights where a student is in their educational journey. It is a tool necessary to form a better and more personalized learning environment to guarantee success.


Why take a Skills Gap Test?


This test allows you to focus on your weak areas for your PEP, CSEC & CAPE Exam Preparation. SGTs are used to understand where students are in their exam prep. 

Educators may also use it to improve the delivery of lessons. It encourages the investment of additional time in improving in weak subject areas. Therefore the majority of the exam prep time can focus on improvement in these vulnerable areas. 

At OneX by One on One, results from Skills Gap Tests are used to create a personalized online learning experience for students to help them fill their learning gaps. 

Statistics show that even before the pandemic, the learning gap was increasing for various reasons. The pandemic has caused an even more significant increase. Both students and teachers had to adapt and transition without adequate online training and preparation. Many studies worldwide showed that a considerable percentage of students could not be a part of this transition. They were not engaged in learning virtually or physically. To navigate this new approach properly, doing the test will help students know their academic performance, but most importantly, their learning gaps are. 

Below are three signs of learning gaps and that you need to take the SGT:

 1. Not understanding a topic

If you're unable to understand a topic regardless of how hard you try, you may be suffering from a learning gap. This is normal because everyone learns differently. How one student learns isn't the same as everyone else does. The pandemic has been particularly difficult for many students to understand their lessons because of their distractions. The students may also not know how to process the lesson properly. This creates a mental block towards the topic or subject. 

2. Inability to concentrate

Concentrating in school can be challenging. That's been a problem ever since the establishment of the education system. Some students genuinely find it difficult to focus on whatever is in front of them. That may be learning a topic or trying to complete an examination. There is always something distracting them whenever they try to focus. This is a prevalent problem among students that results in having a learning gap.

3. Low grades

You may think that you're putting in the work, but they're low when you get your grades. This may be caused by having a learning gap. Sometimes students focus on the wrong things by either misunderstanding the lesson or not asking for help when they need to. Understanding the root cause of the low grades will help in identifying solutions to fix it. 


Taking Skills Gap Tests for PEP and CXC (CSEC & CAPE) can help you!

Yes, doing it for your PEP, CSEC, and CAPE exams will help you achieve exam success. 

CXC & PEP questions are designed to require critical thinking skills and a deep understanding of the topic. With this in mind, a Skills Gap Test will provide feedback to show you where you are with your exam preparation.

OneX is currently offering a FREE Skills Gap Test to PEP & CXC students to help them prepare for their exams. 

You can do a Skills Gap Test for the following subjects:



English Language


Social studies

Information Technology 




Principles of Accounts

Principles of Business



Communication Studies 

Pure Mathematics 




Management of Business


How to take your Skills Gap Test?

Starting is simple and easy. It doesn't require studying or adequate preparation. Remember, the aim is to test where you are now. Therefore, there is no need to cram or cheat. 

After taking our Skills Gap Test, each student will be welcomed to the OneX family and be allowed to be part of a high-quality, personalized learning experience that will prepare them for PEP & CXC exams. OneX offers Self-Paced Video Courses, Live Classes, One on One Tutoring, and Academic Coaching on our online learning platform.

Take the OneX Skills Gap Test today at and start your Exam Preparation journey!

With OneX, no student will be left behind. 

It's that personal.