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Remote Learning 2021 | Pros & Cons Of Online Classes In Jamaica

01.12.21 05:02 AM By Akkeem

 Remote Learning 2021 | Pros & Cons Of Online Classes In Jamaica


In 2020, life as many students knew it changed completely in a matter of weeks. The COVID-19 pandemic make headway into the lives of many in a disastrous way. Governments across the world had to pivot and champion the new way of doing things which coined the phrase "the new normal."


One such change was the introduction of a new way of teaching and learning known as "remote learning" or "online learning." While the concept is not entirely new, the effect of the pandemic forced an immediate adaptation to it with little to no preparation for many. Education continued despite the circumstances. 


Some may argue that having to learn from home was great while some may say it wasn't. 


Online learning has its pros and cons. Continue reading to see if you can relate to them. 


Why The Switch To Online Learning? 


Before examining the pros and cons of online learning, it is necessary to understand why such a move was necessary. Educators and governments wanted to prevent another pandemic known as an increase in learning loss. 


Studies show that the pandemic caused the closure of schools in over 100 countries, affecting over 80% of students worldwide. These unprecedented times have caused an increase in "learning gaps" which are the reasons for the increasing learning loss not only in the Caribbean but across the world. 


 Distance Learning and Learning Gaps 

Let's define a "learning gap". Learning gaps are skills that should have been understood at a certain level but wasn't. If there is a learning gap, it is difficult for the student to perform well in school, including in examinations such as PEP and CXC.


These gaps affect students' ability to reach their potential by preventing them from achieving academic success. Gaps aren't unusual and sometimes aren't easily identifiable. However, its existence will hinder students progress which results in learning loss. 


Therefore, it should be understood that a learning gap for each student contributes to the overall learning loss in the world. This is the reality for many countries now. 


To combat the rapid increase of learning loss, teachers and students made their homes not only their place of abode, but their classroom. This gesture unleashed endless possibilities. However, this new way of teaching and learning has its positives and negatives. 


Let's first examine three (3) Pros to online learning. 


What are the Pros of online classes?


It's Convenient

Online learning can be very convenient. You're not subjected to being in only one place. You can be anywhere and still be engaged online. For example, if you're in Montego Bay, you're able to connect with your teachers in Kingston. If you need to travel to Canada, you're still able to log on to your classes. 


Also, you don't have to think about getting ready for school and taking the bus. Packing food for lunch is a thing of the past. Online learning makes attending school easier. 


It's less stressful

A lot of students are happy that they don't have to be in a physical classroom sitting in one position, facing the teacher. Waking up and going to school is difficult for many students. They wake up feeling drained, tired and yearning for the day to end very quickly. Usually, going from class to class can also be tiring. Being at home, you're able to experience the comfort of being in one place and not having to go back and forth. 


It's safe

The best place to be given the current pandemic is at home. Online learning allows students to be safer than they would be if they were in a physical classroom sitting for an extended period. While many are considering a phased reopening, it's still a fact that being at home provides more protection from catching the virus compared to being at a physical school.


In a physical school, the students are likely to speak with their friends and teachers. Usually, in those spaces, physical distancing isn't promoted. With the high volume of students, it's generally hard to manage how they interact in a physical space, even if they were warned how to. 


 Some Cons Of Online Classes: 


Too much screen time 

Watching a Netflix show or playing a game is usually something students look forward to when using their devices. However, this "new normal" has caused the devices to do other things like schoolwork. For example, some students would use their devices pre-pandemic when they reach home until they fall asleep. Therefore, their screen time was usually after the school-day. Now, since online learning, they are always around the screen. After submitting that assignment on Google Classroom, they watch a Youtube video to explain a topic further. This leads to them joining a class on Zoom with their teachers then keeping up to date with the latest trends on Instagram. 


It's no secret that this is the tech era, and most people enjoy using their devices. However, using it too much can lead to serious health challenges both mentally and physically.



Lack of social activities

With the use of technology, sometimes the importance of physical activity can be placed on the back burner. Many doctors are concerned with the rising obesity rate that will directly affect students staying at home for an extended period. 


The absence of physical activity can be very concerning as it impacts students' overall health and performance in school work and exams. 



Poor connectivity

 Believe it or not, there are still students worldwide who haven't been engaged due to a lack of consistent or poor quality internet. The learning experience can be challenging when online learning if connectivity is absent regularly or of poor quality. 


A spotty internet may result in the loss of interest in classes and may even become frustrating. 


Even though these are cons, there are many ways to combat them, like taking a break and exercising for a couple minutes. If you have bad internet, you may need to have access to on-demand resources such as the On-Demand CXC Coursesavailable on 


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